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Music Video “Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors”

Posted by rwiens on 22nd December 2012 in CD Albums, Listen to Music, Videos

Music by Rainer Wiens, Visuals by Jan Komarek
Josh Zubot – violin
Jean Derome – flute
from the CD Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors


Posted by rwiens on 23rd January 2011 in Videos

Music by Rainer Wiens; video by Jan Komarek.

Title track from the CD Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Ambiences Magnétiques AM 193, 2009 ( which has solos and duos performed by Jean Derome, Malcolm Goldstein, Frank Lozano, Jean René, Rainer Wiens, and Joshua Zubot.

“And somewhere lions roam, quite unaware, in their magnificence, of any weaknesses.” — Rainer Maria Rilke.