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Music Video “Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors”

Posted by rwiens on 22nd December 2012 in CD Albums, Listen to Music, Videos

Music by Rainer Wiens, Visuals by Jan Komarek
Josh Zubot – violin
Jean Derome – flute
from the CD Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors

Various Tracks

Posted by rwiens on 29th May 2014 in Listen to Music

Take a listen to these tracks from various CD’s:

Fra Ma Ga Ra


A Complicated Sadness

Double Up

Shh… Whisper to the Wind

New Music Clips – Ripplegaenger

Posted by rwiens on 1st October 2016 in Listen to Music

“Narrow Road to the North” by Ripplegaenger

Narrow Road to the North-Voyage 1

Narrow Road to the North-Voyage 2

Narrow Road to the North-Voyage 3



©Music by Rainer Wiens and Maya Kuroki

Listen to music here

Posted by rwiens on 18th January 2011 in Listen to Music

Complicated Sadness

Deepen The Mystery – by The Orchestra of Sympathetic Strings

Star Crossed

Speaking In Tongues






Mella Mella 1

Mella Mella 2