Upcoming Concert at La Brique

Posted by rwiens on 24th April 2013 in Upcoming Shows
  • La Brique, 6545 Durocher #402
  • de Toronto, Halifax, Montreal:
    Rainer Wiens – Guitar and Thumb Piano
    John Heward – Percussion
    Arthur Bull – Guitar and Chromatic Harmonica
    Bob Vespaziani – WAVEDRUM and Electronics
    Guillaume Dostaller – piano
    Olivier Prudhomme-Richard – guitare
    Philippe Roy – contrebasse
    Mathieu Frenette – saxophone alto et sopranino

    Weins, Heward, Bull & Vespaziani is an electro-acoustic quartet uniting improvisors from Montreal, Halifax, and Toronto. These four players present some very original approaches to their instruments and a highly imaginative feel for improvisation.

    Paralune est une réunion momentanée au su et vu de la lune, une rencontre rapprochée entre des objets sonores improvisés. Un mouvement à quatre songes décelable par les lueurs de la lumière qu’il réfléchi.

    At the outskirts of the moon, a brief intimate meeting between objects of sonic nature. A quartet of dreams defining a movement detectable by the unique glittering of the light it reflects.


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